Please deregister from SQLSaturday London Business Analytics edition if you’re not coming

SQLSaturday London Business Analytics Edition is a community-run, no-frills event.

It’s free to you, the community member. How does it work? I raise sponsorship funds to cover costs of the food, venue and so on in order to make the day happen for you all. It’s been hard work, but lots of fun too!

Speakers give up their time, and travel at their own cost, to share their knowledge and expertise with you. Therefore, it is a real team effort and I’d like to thank all of the sponsors and speakers who make it happen!

If you are not coming, we would be very grateful if you would please deregister.

We have a big waiting list, so it would help to make the day special for someone else, and it would help reduce our costs when people don’t turn up even though they’ve not deregistered.

Can’t make up your mind? If you’d like to view our schedule, please click here.

Want to plan your trip? The Innovation Warehouse address can be found here and here is a map, just in case.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 22nd November!

Record-Breaking PASS Summit 2014 Opens in Seattle with 5,900 Registrations

Day 1 kicks off with live-stream sessions and keynotes by Microsoft’s T.K. “Ranga” Rengarajan, James Phillips, and Joseph Sirosh

SEATTLE, WA – Nov. 5, 2014 – Celebrating community growth around the world, PASS Summit opened today in Seattle, with 5,900 registrations, its largest program ever, and live streaming of the kick-off keynotes by Microsoft’s T.K. “Ranga” Rengarajan, James Phillips, and Joseph Sirosh.

PASS Summit 2014 has 3,941 delegates as of last night and 1,959 pre-conference registrations across 56 countries for a total of 5,900 registrations. The event’s sold-out Exhibit Hall features 57 partners, including Platinum sponsors Dell Software and HP.

“It’s inspiring to be part of this incredible community event that continues to bring together even more SQL Server professionals from around the world,” said PASS President Thomas LaRock. “You can feel the energy and excitement, from technical sessions and our great First-Timers Orientation to the packed Community Zone and the Exhibit Hall. And it’s all thanks to our dedicated volunteers and a passionate global community.”

PASS Summit, organized by and for the SQL Server community, is the largest SQL Server event in the world, delivering a record 200+ sessions this year, along with 17 full-day pre-conference seminars and nonstop networking opportunities with the industry’s top SQL Server and business intelligence experts.

Microsoft is committing top resources to the week-long event, including today’s kick-off keynotes and tomorrow’s keynote with Microsoft Jim Gray Systems Lab Senior Research Engineer Rimma Nehme. All the keynotes will be streamed live – along with the Women in Technology Luncheon keynote with Black Girls CODE founder Kimberly Bryant, technical sessions, community interviews, and more – to community members around the globe as part of PASStv’s free daily programming, with overnight replay.

Microsoft SQL Server engineers and support teams will be on hand in technical sessions, the SQL Server Clinic with CSS and the SQLCAT and SQL Tiger teams, Instructor-Led Workshops, and the Expo Hall to share best practices, explain the latest solutions, and answer questions to help attendees get the most out of their SQL Server and BI investments—and their time at PASS Summit. Microsoft Learning is also hosting Microsoft Certification exams onsite at a 50% discount.

PASS Summit 2014 runs through Friday, Nov. 7. For the latest updates and access to the PASStv live stream and programming schedule, see

About PASS
PASS is an independent, not-for-profit community organization dedicated to empowering data professionals who leverage Microsoft technologies to connect, share, and learn. With a growing membership of more than 100K, PASS enables networking, knowledge sharing, and peer-based learning through local and virtual chapters, online events, local and regional events, and international conferences such as PASS Summit. For more information, visit the PASS Web site at

All brand names, product names, and trademarks belong to their respective holders. 

Kathy Blomstrom

Jen’s Diary: commentary on VC

Here is a record my commentary on CodeGumbo site. I put it here for reference and I look forward to your comments.

Again, I don’t speak for PASS, and I can’t. These are just my personal thoughts.


Thank you for your post. I don’t know if my efforts have been visible enough to you, but here goes:

I have held a couple of Twitter ‘surgery hours’ which have had varying degrees of success.

I have held a series of Virtual Chapter Pathways, which took place every Wednesday at 9PM (My Time, 1PM PST) in October. These were open to everyone. Brent Ozar very kindly posted it up on his blog, and it went up on the PASS websites, and PASS sent out emails to the CLs and VCLs to let them know about the sessions. Andy Warren also very kindly posted it on his PASSWATCH site. I don’t think that I missed out any route of communication but please let me know any other possibilities for getting the word out. I do my best, but I am not ‘down with the kids’ and I am well aware that there will be social media / sites where I haven’t thought about looking.

That took out my every Wednesday evening for a whole month, but I thought it was worth the effort to try and make myself available to people.

During the VC ‘open mike’ pathways, the highest attendance was only 16 people; the lowest was a core of 8 people, who had attended throughout the whole series. I’m really glad that they did, because I wanted people to know that they could contact me and chat.

The format was this: I would issue some information about CLs and VCLs, such as managing a website. Then, I had an open mike Q & A where people could send me emails, or a chat message via GTW, and they could ask me pretty much anything.

The first part was reasonably successful, but I didn’t really get many questions in the second part at all. However, I don’t really regard this as a failure. I tried to engage ‘virtually’ by doing this, and at least people knew that I was there.

I will probably do the same again in the future. I am trying, but I think that it has to work two ways and I am open to ideas how to drive people to engage more. I am not sure whether they didn’t want to engage, simply didn’t understand what I was doing, or simply didn’t want to engage with *me* particularly. I guess you all have better things to do on a Wednesday night 🙂

The takeaway point is that engagement and communication is a lot harder than you think, and I’m trying different things to see what works. As always, my email is if folks want to shoot me a mail. I’m open to ideas, and humble enough to admit that I don’t always get things right first, second, third or nth time. But I’m happy to keep trying.

Jen’s Diary: Virtual Chapter Meeting

As before, I don’t – and can’t – speak for PASS. All of the below is just my opinion, plus an apology.

Once again, I’d like to thank the VC Leaders and Co-Leaders for their effort that they have put in. I know that the VCs have got a dedicated, global following and this is set to continue!

For PASS Summit, I understand that there is some disappointment over the timing of the Virtual Chapter leaders session, and the fact that it clashes with other things.

I do apologise about this issue.

Unfortunately, given that the MVP Summit and PASS Summit are being held simultaneously, we only had one time slot available for the Virtual Chapter session, which is Wednesday at 12 o’clock.

I realise that, previously, you have had a choice of options about when you would like the VC session to take place.

This year, there were no options on offer, and this timing was the only one available to us. I don’t have the control over these things, as some people like to think! We have done our best.

I can only say that the scheduling folks at PASS and Microsoft have done their absolute best to please everyone. They have had a huge, nay, MAMMOTH task in pulling everything together and they are to be thanked.

Unfortunately, finding an optimal solution for everyone hasn’t been possible for everyone attending. Remember that there are about 6K folks attending PASS Summit and 2K or so ( a guess! ) attending MVP Summit, and practically speaking, it isn’t possible to get a solution that pleases everyone all of the time.

Pragmatically speaking, the sheer numbers will mean that a huge organisation will have taken place and I am absolutely not criticising anyone. Instead, I’d like to thank the scheduling folks at PASS and Microsoft (the unsung heroes) who have done their best to please as many people possible. I would like to thank people in advance for their understanding, and hope that people will spend a moment to reflect on the sheer effort that folks have put in to make both Summits special and as easy as possible for everyone.

The VC Pathways

I am uploading the VC Pathways sessions to the Business Intelligence Virtual Chapter YouTube channel. I did not get very many people attending the sessions – the highest number was 16, and the lowest number was 8. Despite this, I hope that the attendees got something out of it.

For those of you who didn’t attend, I hope that the YouTube videos I made will help you. I have tried my best to demystify GoToWebinar and the PASS website. I have got further plans in place, and I will discuss those after Summit is over.

Kind Regards,


Jen’s Diary: Who you should meet at PASS Summit… and why.

I have been made busy with PASS activities this week!

I have travelled thousands of miles to be at PASS Summit 2014 this week. Therefore, if I am jetlagged, please don’t be afraid to give me a hug or supply me with a hot coffee!

If you are attending PASS Summit 2014 for the first time, there are plenty of opportunities to meet speakers, other PASS Board members and delegates.  Speakers are pretty easy to find at their sessions, so I will leave that with you. However, I’d like to point out a key folks that you should meet:

SQL Server Clinic – Some informal delegate feedback I’ve personally received has said that a drop-in session and speaking to the CAT team was well worth the PASS attendee fee on its own. I don’t know if you realise it, but this Clinic is served by the most deeply technical and senior folks who know about SQL Server and Azure. So, if you have any problems in your organisation, head on over to get them resolved. You simply won’t get better advice that straight from the team themselves, so why not give it a try? Here are the details:

Room 4C
Work through your technical issues with top Microsoft Customer Service and Support (CSS) engineers and get architectural guidance from the SQL Server Customer Advisory Team (SQL CAT) and SQL Tiger Team.

7:00 AM – 8:00 AM
10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

7:00 AM – 8:00 AM
10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Women in Technology Lunch

I’ve been really interested in this piece although the PASS HQ team are the ones who have done a wonderful job of organising it. Sometimes I’m better off not interfering and leaving them to work their magic!

I’m deeply honoured that we are having a keynote speech with Kimberly Bryant of Black Girls Code.  If you want a sneak preview of Kimberly’s other discussions, then please take a look at her inspiring story here.

Note that the Women in Technology session is not just for women! Future leaders should attend this session.

If you are interested in being a leader in your workplace, then you should definitely attend the session. If you manage teams, you will have to be aware of issues that your team members may face. Therefore, if you want to be a leader who leads, rather than a boss who has to stamp their feet to get things done, then  one thing to think about is what a leader does.. A leader inspires, and people naturally follow a leader. To get the best out of people, it’s all about listening to them, I think. Leaders empower and inspire, and they are different from a boss who has to kick butt to get things done. Be the leader! That’s why Women in Technology, and the issues Kimberly discusses, are important to everybody.

PASS Board Q & A

the PASS Board Q & A is an opportunity to meet the Board members (of which I am one). We will be attending the Community Zone throughout the PASS Summit, and feel free to come and talk to us. I see a my role on the Board as a dot-joiner – I see it as empowering other people, making those connections happen, and trying to help steer the ship to help as many people as I can. For me, I like the Servant Leadership perspective and that’s how I aspire to be. So please do come along and join us. I look forward to meeting you there!

Kind wishes,


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