Where do I find my #PowerBI tenant?

I’m writing this post for me, more than anyone else. I keep forgetting!

Log into your Power BI tenant and click on the Question Mark at the top right hand side.

Look for the option About Power BI. Here is an illustration below:

Power BI Images Find Tenant


Choose the option About Power BI and you will get a window appear. It’s the last item that shows what you need:

 Power BI Images Find Tenant//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

So my tenant is located in North Europe.

I usually end up going to look for it in Tenant Settings but I suppose it isn’t there because you can’t change it. So I got fed up with myself forgetting it and wrote this post. If this is you too, I hear you.

Notes to self: PrerequisiteInstaller.exe app crash when you try to install SharePoint 2013

I’m installing SharePoint 2013 onto a Virtual Machine, and I keep getting a crash at the point at which I try to install the Prerequisites.

Essentially, I just click on the link to install prerequisites, and I just get ‘no longer working’ message and PrerequisiteInstaller.exe crashes.

How can you resolve this?

1. make sure you are running with administrator rights
2. switch off UAC – to do this in Windows Server 2012, you can change the following registry setting:

Change the DWORD “EnableLUA” from 1 to 0
Reboot server

And then, try to install the SharePoint prerequisites again. This should resolve the problem.

Hope that helps!